How AI is Shaping the Communications Industry

Do you think the internet and social media were game changers? Our world is facing a major disruptive force that promises to be even bigger than both. Artificial Intelligence is disrupting and transforming everything around us, and this imminent paradigm shift will have a huge impact across all sectors, including the media, and the communications industry.

  • Imad Lahad, Head of APCO's AI Comms Lab

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“Every disruption in history is always a cultural change, not a technical change.”




AI is:

  • Changing a wide range of industries at staggering speed, including media, broadcast, digital & social media, advertising, talent, voice & sonic branding, and video & design.
  • Allowing media companies to direct human resources towards producing deeper, more meaningful content, without sacrificing coverage.
  • Fostering a new breed of breed of human talent that “trains” AI enabled technology to deliver on specific requirements.

Imad Lahad explains AI is not:

  • A fad
  • Hype
  • A trend
  • Another form of
    digital transformation



Specific examples:

The Washington Post: Heliograf “robot reporter,” an automated storytelling agent deployed to produce stories on data-centric events such as elections.

BBC: Adopted an object-based media approach, whereby every content asset has been separated into individual units that can be reassembled into channel-specific formats.

McCann Japan: “Hired” a robot creative director, which competed with a human creative director
in a pitch and lost by only a few points.

Wibbitz: An AI tool for publishers that summarizes stories and creates video, infographics,
and other assets in minutes.

Government of Dubai: In process of creating a communications department that is five years ahead of its time


In his own words:

“We have to embrace and lead this change, internally before externally.
If you start internally, people aren’t afraid for their jobs or the future.”

“There is not one single player yet, and this is the BIG opportunity. It’s about being courageous and taking that leap. We can take that place and own it ourselves.”

“The ecosystem all around us is being disrupted and challenged.
We cannot sit still and think, ‘we will not be disrupted.’”

—Imad Lahad

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