Key Learnings from Page Thought Leadership Research

Jon Iwata provides an overview of learnings on progression paths.

  • Jon Iwata, IBM Senior Vice President & Chief Brand Officer (retired); Executive in Residence, Yale School of Management

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Jon Iwata shared an overview of the Page Progression Paths on Brand, Culture, Societal Value and CommTech. These lay out, in three incremental stages, how CCOs move their organization from their current state to a pacesetting approach to each. The Progression Paths are still being refined through our research, which included group discussions with attendees. Here’s a sentence or two on each along with a link to a summary of each Path:


Brand Progression Path – Brand should transcend visual identity to be a reflection of corporate identity, ensuring that all stakeholder experiences reflect that brand. In this way, CCOs can leverage corporate brand as a passport into influencing many facets of the organization.


Culture Progression Path – No matter the mission, culture is essential to its accomplishment. For CCOs this means not just defining what the desired culture is but making sure it actually creates the employee behaviors required to compete and succeed.


Societal Value Progression Path – Enterprises are under growing pressure, especially from employees and investors, to create value for society. This can sometimes produce backlash – especially when taking stances on polarizing issues. But, at their best, enterprises will make societal value a core, integrated element of strategic planning.


CommTech Progression Path – CCOs must build a new kind of team within their function, composed of data and content specialists, that take an Agile approach to moving stakeholders through journeys. These journeys are about producing actions, not just shaping perception, helping Communications drive more tangible business outcomes.

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