Upskilling a Workforce – Reggie Walker, PwC – 04.29.2019

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Enterprises face severe disruption, whether via technology, business model, new competition, etc. In order to keep up, organizations must answer fundamental questions about the nature of their business, starting with their people. “What kind of culture do we need to compete in our industry? What does it look like, feel like, sound like? What are the base skills our people possess? Where do they come from?”

These are some of the questions Reggie Walker, Chief Commercial Officer at PwC, has wrestled with while helping to lead the enterprise’s communications function over the past three years. He’s spurred a critical organization-wide effort around digital upskilling to better align PwC’s people with its business strategy. He’s also unified the Communications, Sales and Marketing functions, streamlining an operation that was once disparate entities.

On this episode of The New CCO, we’ll learn more about each of these initiatives from Reggie and how they ladder up to a new kind of CCO role that’s swiftly changing in order to adapt to new disruptive factors.

Here’s Reggie’s take on where he sees the future of work going over the next five years:

“The opportunities are almost endless. We have to be responsible. And by that I mean there’s a lot of things we can do with technology. We have to make sure we’re not overextending the reach of certain technologies and cannibalizing jobs and opportunities. But, man, where will it not take us? That’s the fun part.”

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