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CommTech is a new discipline for the communications profession. It enables us to use data to understand stakeholders as unique individuals, customize engagement with them based on that knowledge, and motivate their journey to an action or decision through the iterative optimization of content. Adopting CommTech entails new team structures and roles, new processes and ways of working, and, as the name implies, new tools and platforms for your tech stack.

Here is a list of some of those tools and platforms. Though these companies featured just below are here in exchange for sponsorship, each has been verified as a valuable component of a CommTech approach.

Public Relay

PublicRelay partners with CCOs to put communications at the center of their company. Using a unique combination of machine learning and human analysts to ensure accurate and timely data, PublicRelay creates powerful metrics that guide decisions and prove impact. To learn more, email, and elevate your media intelligence to new heights.


SocialChorus is a workforce communications platform that enables you to accelerate and accomplish your business initiatives by reaching, aligning, and mobilizing every worker in your organization.


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