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CommTech is a new discipline for the communications profession. It enables us to use data to understand stakeholders as unique individuals, customize engagement with them based on that knowledge, and motivate their journey to an action or decision through the iterative optimization of content. Adopting CommTech entails new team structures and roles, new processes and ways of working, and, as the name implies, new tools and platforms for your tech stack.

Here is a list of some of those tools and platforms. Though these companies featured just below are here in exchange for sponsorship, each has been verified as a valuable component of a CommTech approach.


PublicRelay partners with CCOs to put communications at the center of their company. Using a unique combination of machine learning and human analysts to ensure accurate and timely data, PublicRelay creates powerful metrics that guide decisions and prove impact. To learn more, email, and elevate your media intelligence to new heights.


SocialChorus is a workforce communications platform that enables you to accelerate and accomplish your business initiatives by reaching, aligning, and mobilizing every worker in your organization.

Morning Consult

Morning Consult is a global data intelligence company delivering insights on what people think in real time. By surveying tens of thousands across the globe every day, Morning Consult is unmatched in scale and speed: It determines the true measure of what people think and how their decisions impact business, politics and the economy.

Workplace from Facebook

Workplace is a communication and collaboration tool from Facebook that connects everyone in your company, even if they’re working remotely. We are proud to connect organizations around the globe including Walmart, Farmers Insurance, Stanley Black & Decker, Petco, GlaxoSmithKline and Heineken.


Crisp provides 24/7 early-warning risk intelligence for brands, enterprises, and social platforms. Its real-time knowledge graph discovers, tracks, rapidly alerts, and removes harmful content. The technology is used by a global team specializing in linguistics, reporting, psychology, data protection, law, and regulation to ensure its customers are first to know & act.

Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal is the leading Employee Communication and Engagement Platform, committed to creating a connected, inclusive, and engaged workforce where people feel valued and empowered to be their best. Organizations around the globe trust Dynamic Signal to elevate the employee experience and drive transformative business results.

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Other Resources


Tools that provide data-based insights into audiences, their interests & behaviors.

» Google Analytics to learn about how people come to your website and what they do there
» SimilarWeb for insights into how competitors attract traffic to their website
» PublicRelay, Social Chorus, NetBase, Cision, Meltwater, Critical Mention, BrandWatch, Muck Rack and TalkWalker for earned & social media insights
» Morning Consult and The Harris Poll for brand and public opinion insights
» Fanpage Karma for social media content benchmarks
» SurveyMonkey for audience insights
» BuzzSumo for insights into what content drives social engagement
» SearchMetrics, MOZ or Semrush for insights into what audiences search for online
» SparkToro for audience insights by channel including podcasts and social media
» & Facebook Audience Insights for insights into audience demographics and interests
» Built-in insights provided by Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and others

Content & Automation

Tools that enable the effective distribution, management and optimization of content.

» Autopilot to create automated content journeys
» LeadPages and Unbounce for creating conversion-optimized landing pages
» Marketo, Higher Logic, MailChimp and Constant Contact for email automation
» HootSuite or Falcon.IO for scheduling, managing social posts and analytics
» Hubspot, Eloqua for lead generation and management
» Onalytica, Tagger and CreatorIQ for influencer management


Tools that enable the tracking & optimizing of communication activities.

» Google Search Console to track how your company website appears in Google Searches
» SearchMetrics to benchmark a website’s search visibility against competitors’ visibility
» BuzzSumo to benchmark the engagement potential of your content vs that of your competitors
» VWO and Optimizely to A/B test different messages and designs on your website
» All the tracking & Testing capabilities by Facebook (Ad reporting, split tests, dynamic creative tests), Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and others
» Segment to align and categorize all customer data
» Decibel to analyze and optimize digital experiences

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