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The New CCO podcast tells stories that explore the evolution of the CCO. From culture change to digital transformation to corporate purpose, we focus on the issues that matter to today's communications leaders.

KPN’s Evolution and Mobile’s Next Frontier of ‘Immersive Connectivity’ – Maximo Ibarra

KPN is looking to the future of mobile networks and the digital infrastructure on which they will run. Maximo Ibarra, recent CEO of Dutch telecommunications giant KPN, discusses how the company is preparing for what he calls a new world of “immersive connectivity.”

The CCO as Pacesetter - Roger Bolton, Aedhmar Hynes & Jon Iwata, Page

On this edition of The New CCO, we welcome Roger Bolton, Aedhmar Hynes and Jon Iwata, leaders of Page’s latest research report, The CCO as Pacesetter, to discuss the findings and recommendations that will define the CCO role for the foreseeable future.

Recruiting the Next CCO with Bill Heyman, Heyman Associates and Jennifer Doidge, Russell Reynolds

On this edition of The New CCO, we invite Bill Heyman, Founder & CEO of Heyman Associates, and Jennifer Doidge, Executive Search & Assessment Consultant with Russell Reynolds, to discuss hiring for the CCO role and how it is evolving.

Celebrating a Legend - Harold Burson, BCW - 07.22.2019

Last week, Harold Burson announced he will return to his childhood home of Memphis, TN, after 7 decades leading one of the world’s largest and most successful PR agencies. At 98 years young, Harold is a larger-than-life public relations icon and, to this day, imparts visionary wisdom regarding the industry. On this edition of The New CCO, Harold explains why he’s bullish on the future of the communications, his roundabout path into the field, and how the digital era has and will continue to reshape it.

Remodeling an Automotive Industry Icon - Tony Cervone, General Motors - 06.24.2019

General Motors is in the midst of a transformation. GM’s CCO Tony Cervone has spearheaded this transformation alongside his CEO, Mary Barra. On this edition of The New CCO, Tony takes us inside the GM brand transformation and details his leading-edge approach to the Communications function, centered around Corporate Character and CommTech.

Concentrating on CommTech - Daniel Jörg, Farner Consulting - 06.10.2019

We are on the cusp of a major transformation of how Communications works - what our teams look like, the roles it includes, the skills it requires, and the ways it operates.