The Authentic Enterprise, 2007

Page began taking a proactive view on the role of the CCO in the enterprise with the publication of The Authentic Enterprise, a report that foresaw radical changes in the way people access and share information. We argued that in light of the radical transparency and interconnectedness that we saw coming, an enterprise wishing to earn stakeholder trust must act consistently with its stated mission and values. That report included interviews with CEOs, which has been updated twice since then:


The Page Model, 2012

Over the ensuing years, we began to see CCOs changing their focus in line with the trends we predicted in The Authentic Enterprise. In 2012, we interviewed 13 leading CCOs who were inventing the future and created a new model that we felt captured the new approach, which we outlined in Building Belief: A New Model for Activating Corporate Character and Authentic Advocacy. That includes building corporate character and authentic advocacy, topics which we explored in more depth in:


The New CCO, 2016

As it became clearer that the Page Model was holding up as an accurate description of the merging role of the CCO, we shifted our attention to exploring the skills and capabilities needed to perform the role well. After engaging members of Page and Page Up in a deep online conversation in 2016, we published The New CCO, which described three roles: foundational, the CCO as integrator, and builder of digital engagement systems. A subsequent report provided more detail on the third of these:


Other Reports

In 2009, Page co-created a report with the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics, which was established by BRT, the Washington-based CEO organization, at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. The Dynamics of Public Trust in Business focused on the current state of public trust – or distrust – in business, and offered an approach to earn public trust.


Another report in 2013 made the case for Teaching Strategic Communication in Business Schools.

Latest from Page

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To commemorate Harold Burson following his passing at age 98, we are republishing a past podcast featuring Harold’s conversation with Becky Edwards, now CCO of Schneider Electric, at the 2018 Page Spring Seminar. Harold explains why he’s bullish on the future of the communications, his roundabout path into the profession, and how the digital era has and will continue to reshape it.

A Conversation with Mike Wing, Page's Author

As The New CCO wraps up 2019, we sit down with Mike Wing, the lead writer of Page’s most seminal research reports, to discuss the common threads of the CCO role from our first publication in 2007 to the present.

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Professor Danielle Citron is the vice president of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and an expert in online privacy at the Boston University School of Law. She discusses deepfakes’ rise to prominence, their proliferation, the ongoing battle to regulate them through legislation and the best ways for us to steel our organizations against attacks.

The Payment Platform with a Purpose - Franz Paasche, PayPal

Purpose and values are often derided as corporate buzzwords or feel-good messaging. But for Franz Paasche, SVP of Corporate Affairs at PayPal, these foundational elements of corporate character are the lifeblood of the enterprise. They are what differentiates this financial disruptor from its peers.