Page thrives on the support of its members, whether it comes in the form of their attending events, participating in committee work, nominating new members for Page, Page Up and Future Leaders, or providing critical financial support. While membership dues and conference fees go a long way, these only cover a portion of Page's annual expenses. Moreover, Page has in recent years undertaken a significant increase in its level of programming and support to members. In particular, a great level of resource has gone into producing compelling, industry-leading thought leadership, conducting outreach to leading members of the profession globally, expanding the professional development support for members' own teams, and an increasing number of Page events with Insight Forums and our two major conferences each year. Our development program is an essential part of delivering on the Page mission of strengthening the enterprise leadership role of the CCO and funding the expanding support and programs that our members value.

About 9.25% of Page’s operating budget, $505,000 in 2020, is funded by the generosity of our members. Without your support, it is not possible to fully fund the following programs. Our goal is to raise $505,500 this year but please note that the following opportunities add up to more than $505,000.

2020 Spring Seminar

We held our highest rated Spring Seminar in 2019, in the last five years. This year, we will explore the conference theme: Powered by Digital: Getting to Know Your Stakeholders as Individuals with a focus on CommTech. We will feature member case studies discovered through our past research; joint sessions with CEOs and their CCOs discussing their collaboration in delivering transformation in the face of disruption; and peer conversations on critical issues.

Case Study Competition

In alliance with the Institute for Public Relations, Page conducts an annual competition for the writing of original case studies by students enrolled in a school of business, communication or journalism. The competition aims to introduce the practical applications of the core principles that define public relations as a critical function of management and to encourage research that contributes to the profession’s growth and impact. Winners are awarded cash prizes and your support would allow us to keep this important program going.

2020 Annual Conference

We held our 3rd highest rated Annual Conference in 2019 where we released our final Thought Leadership report. In 2020, we will explore the conference theme: “The Business of Humanity: How CCOs Unite and Ignite for a Better World” with a focus on societal value. We will offer recommendations, case studies, frameworks and other content that helps make our findings real and actionable to attendees.

Friends of PAGE

Friends of Page gives members an opportunity to make a personal contribution showing their commitment to Page. If you would like to speak with a Page staff member about leaving a legacy gift, please contact Kelly Greene at kgreene@page.org. Your support will strengthen our organization for years to come.

Diversity & Inclusion

Page D&I work includes the Diverse Future, a week-long executive education program for diverse professionals, the Leaders of Tomorrow, a series of one-day events for young professionals, and resources for Page members that will help them to advance D&I in their own organizations. These programs benefit from both in-kind and financial support.

Internship Program

Page offers paid internships for up to 4 undergraduate and/or graduate students each year. Interns support the Page staff and members in committee work and take on special projects that would not be accomplished without focused attention. Past interns have led the efforts to launch the Leaders of Tomorrow (diversity program), launched the regional networking program that has now expanded to 30+ events annually, redesigned the Page Up website, created special Page 35th Anniversary content, supported social and digital content creation in collaboration with our Communications team, etc.

Thought Leadership Research & Content

This is a key area of investment for Page since the CCO as Pacesetter report was released in the fall of 2019. Investment is now needed to produce practical content, tools and resources, including case studies, that will help members apply our work within their enterprises. We will build a library of Page member cases, publish posts on topics related to our Thought Leadership report and continue to deliver relevant video clips from our events speakers.

Website & Digital Engagement

We plan to develop a new digital strategy that includes transforming our website to make it more useful and engaging for members and other visitors; offering a mobile app that delivers content and other features for members; taking a more sophisticated approach to email and content marketing; and increasing our data analytics capabilities to deliver more personalized content and experiences.

2020 Page Up Annual Conference

Now in its eighth year, the Page Up Annual Conference continues to be the main gathering of its members. The 2018 and 2019 conferences were the highest rated and we saw a dramatic increase of registrations, with confidence this will continue in 2020. Any contribution to the Page Up Annual Conference will enable their speaking program.

PageConnect Webinars

Our webinars provide Page members a convenient way to learn about best practices and trends in corporate communications. We are planning to expand to more groups in 2020 including Corporate Culture, Corporate Brand and CommTech.

Unrestricted Contributions

Traditionally, most programs do not cover their full cost, but continue to be enabled by the generosity of our members. For members who are able to donate and would like the Development co-chairs to direct their money to the most impactful places, an unrestricted contribution is extremely valued.

All of our sponsors are recognized on our website as well as at our virtual conferences including the Spring Seminar, Page and Page Up Annual Conferences.

All U.S. donations made to the Page Society are fully tax deductible. Many companies match donations made by their employees, so we encourage you to see if your company is part of a matching gift program. Please refer to our website to see if your company is listed: https://page.org/site/list-of-companies-with-matching-gift-programs

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