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The New CCO: Transforming Enterprises in a Changing World

The Page Society's new report, "The New CCO," offers a look into the future of the communications function. Page Society president Roger Bolton, Jon Iwata of IBM and Sean O'Neill of Heineken explain the report's key findings.

The New CCO - The Future of Communications

Participants at the Page Society's 2014 Insight Forum in London share their perspectives on how the evolving role of the CCO is impacting the C-Suite and enterprises in general.

The New CCO - Jon Iwata on the Future CCO

Jon Iwata of IBM, who co-lead the project that produced the Page Society's "New CCO" report, offers his vision for how enterprises will need to change in the future and what that means for the role of the CCO.

The New CCO - Stan McChrystal on Efficiency vs. Adaptability

Would you rather serve an efficient enterprise, or an adaptive one? Gen. Stan McChrystal spoke at the 2015 Page Annual Conference about why the CCO is critical to the ability of an enterprise to remain agile and adaptive in this era of rapid change.

The New CCO - Gary Sheffer on the Future of the CCO

Past Page Society Chairman Gary Sheffer, who previously led communications for GE, describes the fundamental role of the CCO and why it is of increasing importance today.

The New CCO - Essential Skills for Today's Communicator

Page Society members share their perspectives on the emerging skills and capabilities that CCOs and other communicators will increasingly need in order to be successful enterprise leaders in the future.