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Home Depot's Stacey Tank on Using Analytics & Content to Engage Stakeholders

Stacey Tank, VP of corporate communications & external affairs with The Home Depot, provides examples that demonstrate how her company is using data dashboards and new digital content platforms to build engagement around its brand. Video from the 2016 Page Society Annual Conference in London. Moderated by Andy Whitehouse of IBM.

IBM's Andy Whitehouse on New Approaches to Listening Through Data & Digital

Andy Whitehouse, chief communications officer for IBM, presents onstage at the 2016 Page Society Annual Conference in London on his company's efforts to leverage data and digital platforms to better understand and engage with stakeholders.

IBM's Andy Whitehouse: How Data Informs Stakeholder Engagement

Andy Whitehouse, IBM's chief communications officer, discusses how the wealth of data available to enterprises today - both structured data that quantify and unstructured data that can be interpreted to reveal meaning - can be a powerful tool for engaging more meaningfully and productively with stakeholders.

The New CCO - Jack Welch on Why CEOs Value their CCO

Business legend Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, shared his perspective at the 2015 Page Society Spring Seminar on why CEOs, now more than ever, need a strong relationship with their CEO based on "truth and trust."