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The Challenge for Business and What It Means for Communicators

Page research over the past year shows that most enterprises are facing disruption driven by technology, new business models and changing stakeholder demands, requiring most enterprises to rethink their corporate character and transform their businesses. CEOs need help. Will the CCO be able to step up?

How the CCO can Help Solve the Board’s Big Challenges

Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO of Competent Boards has worked with many of the world’s most sustainable brands. She talked to us about the ‘Tone at the Top’ and the culture that is needed to ensure that the ‘right-hand knows what the left-hand does’ in an ever increasingly complex and fast-moving governance environment. She also outlined the role that the Chief Communication Officer needs to play to have an influential seat at the Boardroom table.

Why Brands Must Match The Business Model

Marc Cloosterman of VIM Group in conversation with Dan Lochmann of MHI and Miguel Veiga-Pestana of RB giving us an overview of the key takeaways from their session at the Page International Exchange - Why Brands Must Match The Business Model.

Disinformation - It's Already Here!

Tim Chatwin of Google EMEA and Dirk Songuer of Microsoft Mixed Reality Studios share their key takeaways from the session at Page International Exchange with Caroline Gibson of Prosek Partners.

Key Learnings from Page Thought Leadership Research

Jon Iwata provides an overview of learnings on progression paths.

Translating Learning Into Action

Throughout the 2019 Page International Exchange, members heard extraordinary insights into the future of business and major trends impacting communications professionals. This session will pull it all together and focus on making our insights actionable.