What on Earth is Happening?

Accelerating geopolitical and socioeconomic shifts are having a profound impact on our enterprises. Brexit, the rise of populism and nationalism, trade tensions, climate change, technological disruption, income inequality...the list is long and growing. We discuss a macro view of what’s happening in our world, particularly in Europe, and what it all means for our organizations with the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Prof. Jan Peter Balknende.

The former Netherlands Prime Minister shared his incisive perspective on the forces that are changing our world. The rise of liberal democracies in previous decades is being supplanted by the ascendance of nationalism and scholarship on how democracies die. Global trade is being challenged by protectionist policies. And the U.S., historically a stabilizing and unifying force, has recently become less so. But it's not all gloom. Global movements driven by institutions are forging unified efforts on common issues. The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals are evidence that, working together through inclusive, collaborative platforms, business, government and NGOs can tackle global threats.

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